Thursday, February 03, 2005

What is home?

We've been here for three years this month and Addis feels very much like home. But what is it that makes anywhere feel like home? Is it the familiarity of the surroundings? It can't be proximity of family, because our families live so far away, in what feels like another life. Or the friends you keep? Most of the expatriates we know tend to mix socially with people from wherever home was originally. Of course, we're all as unaware of our own culture as fish are unaware of swimming in water. But we're very much beyond familiar waters. So maybe it's to do with how at ease your soul feels? How comfortable you begin to feel in your own skin? That makes perfect sense this afternoon, as I sit in the direct sunlight slanting through my office window after a satisfying day's work. I feel at ease and comfortable.